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Arlo Track Jacket Button Up Sweater Hack

Welcome back to the Friday blog, in this post we are showing you how to create a button up fleece sweater using the Arlo Track Jacket pattern. It's a great hack for the colder months and the finished result is an easy throw-on garment you will want to reach for over and over again. 
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Up-cycled Canvas Heather Blazer by Cisco Sews

My name is Francisco Diaz, I run a small up-cycled boutique in Phoenix, AZ where I sell my makes and provide a space for queer makers in my area to sell their wares as well. Up-cycling, thrifting and advancing queer expression are my passions! You can see more of my work at @ciscosews or @themsmarketplace on instagram! In this blog post I use thrifted canvas bags to create a Heather Blazer, with thrifted and vintage brooches as a finishing touch. Keep reading to find out more.
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Wilder Top with Lace insert hack - By @SewnbyEle

Hi, I'm Eleanor or Ele - a sewist, knitter and embroiderer over on @SewnbyEle on Instagram. In this blog post, I’m going to show you some inspiration and ways to make your Wilder Top a little bit different as well as a project step-by-step showing how to insert lovely lace ribbon into the top. Keep reading to find out more.
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Scrap Busting Sewing Ideas

Sewing is a great way to make more sustainable choices with your wardrobe but often sewing projects can be left with fabric scraps and waste. If, like me, you can’t part with the cutoffs big or small then this blog post should hopefully provide some inspirational projects for those scraps. 
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Pattern Hack Make Inspiration

Hey guys, it's Paige here! The most exciting thing about making your own garments is being able to design your own pieces to make them unique. Friday Patterns are simple enough that they can be easily hacked to alter them to your style, shape and preferences. In this blog post I have put together a few inspirational ideas of potential hacks using Friday Patterns. Continue reading to see more.
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