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Up-cycled Canvas Heather Blazer by Cisco Sews

My name is Francisco Diaz, I run a small up-cycled boutique in Phoenix, AZ where I sell my makes and provide a space for queer makers in my area to sell their wares as well. Up-cycling, thrifting and advancing queer expression are my passions! You can see more of my work at @ciscosews or @themsmarketplace on instagram! In this blog post I use thrifted canvas bags to create a Heather Blazer, with thrifted and vintage brooches as a finishing touch. Keep reading to find out more.
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3 Ways to style the Heather Blazer by Eli from @slowsewed

I love dressing up, so when Paige reached out to me for a blog post about the Heather Blazer, I didn't hesitate and said yes! I'm Eli from @slowsewed, and today I am going to show you three ways to style the Heather Blazer Pattern, without compromising comfort. Are you ready?
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Patchwork Quilted Ilford Jacket By Sam from Purple Sewing Cloud

Hi I’m Samantha from , I'm very honoured that the Friday pattern company team have asked me to write a blog post on my quilted jacket and how I made it using the Ilford Jacket Pattern.
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