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Woohoo, we’re hosting a sewing Instagram challenge! Join us next week for daily prompts to celebrate everything sewing. We will be sharing an IGTV video this week that will Include the different daily themes, what sort of content you can expect from us & what the ‘Friday Sewtacular Digital Party’ on Sunday 4th April will involve. 

We hope you enjoy getting involved! This is a challenge for anyone & it doesn’t have to be Friday Pattern specific (although obviously, we love to see your Friday makes) so you can have fun with this no matter what your plans/makes are!

When you share your posts make sure to tag us (@FridayPatternCompany) & use the hashtag #FridaySewtacular so we can all engage with each other’s awesome content. To find out more read below how it works. 

So what is an Instagram challenge?

It’s a digital ‘event’ that we will be ‘hosting’ (more on this below), where we have come up with daily prompts to inspire you to share content/photos/videos around those prompts. The challenge is called the Friday Sewtacular and how it works is you share content on your feed/profile with the hashtag #FridaySewtacular (and tag us), this then gets added to the hashtag where you can click on it and see everyone else’s posts for the challenge.

It’s a great way to engage with other people in the community, feel inspired with your makes, and simply have a good time. Having participated in challenges in the past I love the buzz and energy it gives me to not only sew and share makes but to celebrate others as well. It’s a time for us to be positive, share good energy and have fun online. 

What does it mean to ‘host’ an Instagram Challenge?

Essentially the host’s job is to come up with the themes (which you will see in the graphic above), bring the community together, and share every day of the challenge. We will be re-sharing community posts throughout the week as well as our own planned in content surrounding each daily theme in the aim to inspire you. 

Below is a little insight into what you can expect from us for each day, so hopefully this will help inspire your own content as well. This challenge is for anyone to get involved with wherever you are in the world. On day 3 we named this ‘Spring Style & Me Made Outfits’ but this doesn’t just have to be spring-themed, if you’re in the southern hemisphere then you can alter this to be autumn-themed, so adapt the themes to work for you. 

Run-through of each day:

Day 1, Monday 29th: Sewing Plans

This is a great theme to start with because you can share what your next sewing plans are going to be. A good way to do this is with a flat-lay, a sketch, or even a Reels or video talking about your plans. It’s a great time to set intentions and goals, or even finish a project you have started but put away for a while. We will be sharing some stories about the week ahead and a feed post with a couple of sewing plans of our own.

Day 2, Tuesday 30th: Fabric Stash

Whether you buy fabric because you like it without any set plans for it, or only buy fabric once you have a pattern in mind, this is a great time to share what you have. You could share your preferred colour palette if you’re a print magpie or like more classic pieces. It’s also a great day to support your local fabric store, an independent online retailer, and other sewing brands. 

We will be sharing a blog feature by UK fabric brand Sew Me Sunshine, who will be sharing some lovely fabric suggestions for our patterns. 

Day 3, Wednesday 31st: Spring Style & Me Made Outfits.

This is a fun day where you can share something you have previously made, or something new and talk about your seasonal style (whether you live, this doesn’t just have to be spring-themed). We would love to see your Friday makes, but you can share any me-made outfits and patterns! We have a guest blog post by Sam at Purple Sewing Cloud going live with her me-made outfits featuring Friday Patterns, which we are super excited to share. 

Day 4, Thursday 1st April: Recycle & Repurpose

One of the best things about sewing your own garments is the ability to make responsible decisions when making. This day focuses on recycling and repurposing which can be as simple as showing something you made from a duvet set, how you up-cycled a secondhand garment, or how you mend your jeans - there are so many things you can do/share! 

We are delighted to have a guest blog feature by Cisco Sews all about this topic, they are sharing wonderful slow-fashion & recycled makes. 

Day 5, Friday 2nd April: Sewing & Pattern Hacks

We love this theme because it’s a great way to share how you have hacked a pattern to make it unique or work for you, as well as any sewing tips/advice! For example, you could share your sewing hacks on how to speed up the process, how to clean your machine, or any other hints you have learned. Pattern hacks are also a great way to inspire others to see more possibilities in their patterns. We will be sharing pattern hack content from our achieved posts, with lots of awesome ideas! We will be sharing a YouTube video today, this time all about Ilford Jacket pockets.

Day 6, Saturday 3rd April: Favourite Make

It can be tough to narrow your favorite make down t just 1, so this day is about your favorite makes. Whether you just have 1 stand-out favorite or a few pieces, this is a great day to look back on makes that were a labor of love, or a make you have a sentimental attachment to - whatever the reason this is a great day to share that. 

Day 7, Sunday 4th April: Friday Sewtacular Digital Party

You may be wondering what this day entails… well, a digital party is a day where we finish off the challenge and celebrate our achievements. We thought this would be a great chance to show off a snazzy ‘Sewtacular’ party outfit in a post and engage with other makers who have participated in the challenge.

Paige will be hosting an Instagram Live at 6 pm UK time where she will host a Q&A and a me-made party outfit ‘show and tell’. On the live Paige will add people in to show off their spectacular party outfit, and get you guys involved! So tune in and send in a request to join, so we can see your lovely makes. 

As well as the Live we will also be choosing someone at random from the #FridaySewtacular hashtag to win 3 of our PDF patterns of your choice. The winner will be announced via stories and contacted by direct Instagram message. This is open globally so anyone can win. 

To enter, you will need to opt into emails via this link here, and on the last day, we will also email you a little surprise!

We hope you enjoy the Friday Sewtacular challenge and the main aim is to have fun. You can dip in and out of days you want to post and do as little or as much as you like to participate. Tag us in your posts so we don’t miss anything, and make sure to use the hashtag #FridaySewtacular.