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This weekend from Friday 13th November through to Sunday 15th, Friday Pattern Company will be donating 50% of the sales from PDF patterns to the JQ Thomas Elementary School Art Department. If you are interested in making a direct donation to the classroom you can do so by clicking the link right here.

Meet the teacher:

My name is Hanna Haase, I am currently teaching at a Title 1 Public School in Flagstaff, Arizona. That means that all of my students (100% of them) receive free meals and are from lower socioeconomic families. J Q Thomas Elementary school houses around 360 students. Our parents and the community don't have a lot of resources at this time and I wanna help ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to fun art projects and art supplies. While I do have a very resourceful principle my school doesn't have an art budget. I truly work with some of the most amazing kids and they love getting to work with diverse supplies! My current goals are to replenish the low paper supply (I've been sending lots of paper home with kids) and to get more model magic air dry clay (the kids love clay projects and we don't currently have a functioning kiln, also they come in covid friendly individual wrappers), also if we raise enough I would like to purchase an oil pastel kit for every 4th/5th grader.

A note from Chelsea: 

I met Hanna because she is dating my brother and when she told me about her job I was shocked at how little support she gets. Hanna is an amazing teacher and has had to get really creative with how to keep her kids engaged during this time. This fundraiser means a lot to me. I was one of these kids who received free lunch growing up. Arts education meant the world to me and has shaped my path in life. I would love to help provide that outlet for these kids!

If you would like to support the cause, then shop our PDF patterns. 50% of sales will go toward this amazing cause. Find out more & donate here.