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I love the Make 9 challenge hosted by Rochelle of Home Row Fiber Co! I watched from the sidelines last year but this year I’m excited to participate. I started making my list and it has already helped me start to narrow my focus. I get so excited about sewing, I tend to hop from project to project flying by the seat of my pants. Bringing more mindfulness to my sewing is something I will be cultivating in 2019.

The other bonus is that I LOVE supporting other indie sewing pattern companies and I want to do more of it! So I compiled my nine and I cant wait to get sewing! In no particular order:

  • The Evie Bias Skirt by Tessuti Patterns: I like this because I don’t have many skirts in my wardrobe. It is absolutely stunning and it gives me an excuse to buy fancy silk!!! Check the pattern out here.

  • The Harriet Bra by Cloth Habit: I’m excited to start a bra making journey! Well, I did make a bra once when I was about 18. It was from an outer space quilting cotton and had batting for the padding. I just kinda winged it and it was not at all comfortable, but I freaking loved it.

    Anyway, after seeing the Harriet over and over again in my feed, I need to join the club! Its a gorgeous bra and I can’t wait to make myself something sassy! Check out the pattern here.

  • The Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns: I’ve been wanting to make these for a long time. I even have the pattern and fabric. Also, my bff Megan (@dinomeg) got the same fabric so we will be twinsies, which is always great. Check out the pattern here.

I plan on doing some cute embroidery on the pockets. Kinda like this amazingness from @Leximire


Adding extra details to my makes is also something I want to start doing more of in 2019. I think it goes with the theme of making more mindfully.

  • Jane from Ready to Sew: I have a shortage of blouses in my wardrobe. I end up wearing the same dumb shirts all the time and I need some more grown up looking pieces. The Jane Ready to Sew with these larger sleeves (Jazz pattern) is the perfect amount grown up but still comfortable and interesting to me. Also, I find Ready to Sew patterns to be charming. I made the Jamie Ready to Sew and it came with a cute playlist to listen to while sewing. Check out the pattern here.

  • The Fiona Sundress by Closet Case Patterns: Another pattern that I have owned for a while now but never sewn. I like the Fiona because its a total cutie but also a great vehicle for an interesting statement fabric. I feel like making this out of a kind of wild print on a lightweight canvas would be rad! Check out the pattern here.

  • Seamwork Dani: I have never sewn with a Seamwork pattern but I’m always admiring them. I don’t have a dress like this in my wardrobe and I think this could be a cute addition! I’m thinking corduroy, or maybe two tone with the two halves being different colors! Check the pattern out here.


  • The Cédre Blouson by Orageuse Patterns: Growing up, my dad had a cool derby that kinda looked like this that I always wanted to borrow but he wouldn’t let me! Also, it is super freaking cute and I have never tried an Orageuse pattern, so I’m curious. Has anyone made this pattern? I only see one tag for it on IG. Its extremely cute so I’m surprised there isn’t more. Check the pattern out here.

  • True Bias Roscoe Blouse (dress): This dress looks a lot like a lot of garments that I have in my wardrobe BUT I like wearing these loose flowy styles in spring and summer so I need it. I really like the Roscoe hacked to a maxi. I’m a sucker for a bohemian looking dress. Check out the pattern here.

  • The Dawn Jeans by Megan Nielson: A while back I was kvetching on IG stories about how I really wanted a mom jeans pattern and then the heavens opened up and Megan Nielson Patterns dropped the Dawn Jeans into the world. By all accounts these pants are the best, so I can’t wait to make them! Check the pattern out here.

I also have new spring patterns coming down the pipeline. I am REALLY excited about my spring designs and I can’t wait to share them with you. I will tell you that I’m working on a new swimsuit pattern that is CUTE CUTE CUTE!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s makes in 2019!